Travel Europe tips

The best of Europe when travelling

There are many destinations to choose from if you want to travel in Europe. For example, the top winter destinations are Crete in Greece, Cyprus, Malta,…

Discover the charms of Europe

There’s nothing like travelling on a budget and enjoying your holiday to the fullest. Visit paradise sites, beaches, historical monuments, national parks and enjoy activities in European countries.

Keys to a successful first trip to Europe

Organisation is key when you are travelling alone. The main reason for going on a trip is to relax, which is why going on a trip in the right frame of mind is necessary. A first trip on your own is often boring in the long run, while making friends makes you discover new horizons.

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first trip to Europe
Travel budget

Travel budget

Manage your budget by defining your objectives, comparing prices, etc.

Travel bookings

Travel bookings

Book online, book by phone or book in person.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

Useful for trip cancellation, medical repatriation and medical expenses,…



If you want to travel around the world and if you like to travel light, having a dual citizenship is beneficial for you. This enables you to go wherever you want, but also, thanks to your second passport, you are allowed to travel through the 28 states of the European Union without needing a visa.

Without a visa, if you are a professional, a businessman, you can carry out several activities in another Member State, like China, Russia or hundreds of other countries.

Which European destination

If you like to go on winter holidays with your family or as a couple, here are some ideas for winter destinations: Rovaniemi, Athens, Budapest, Jasná, Slovakia.


Travel to London

Go from May to September to enjoy the good weather.


Travel to Rome

One of the most beautiful summer destinations. Best to go between May and September.


Travelling to Paris

For a sunny period, the ideal season is between May and June.

What to see in Europe

Depending on your budget, make a list of destinations you would like to see in Europe. There are many criteria to choose from: visiting tourist sites, monuments, hiking, etc.

The most beautiful islands

The Aeolian Islands, Lipari, the Balearic Islands, Menorca or other…

The most beautiful museums

The Museum Island in Berlin, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or other…

The most beautiful cities

Florence in Italy, Dubrovnik in Croatia, Seville in Spain,…


Honeymoon trips

You can choose between Greece, Iceland, Andalusia and Italy for unmissable honeymoons.


Relaxing trips

Have a great time in Budapest, Hungary, Amsterdam, Netherlands or Lisbon, Portugal.


Trips of discovery

Travel enthusiasts visit Geneva in Switzerland, Lisbon in Portugal or Rome in Italy.

Good travel tips in Europe

Poland! Visit the country’s cultural capital and discover its sights and historical monuments. Go to Roclaw to see the canals around the city centre. Then there’s Greece, be sure to visit the Cyclades, Athens and the Peloponnese when you visit the country. See the mountains, the tourist beaches and the gardens.

If you haven’t seen Ukraine yet, it’s time to spend a few days holiday there. Visit Kiev, the country’s capital. There is also Crimea and Chernobyl.

Bed & Breakfast

Cheap hotels in Europe

Some tips for finding cheap hotels all over Europe: book your rooms as early as possible and choose the ideal travel period. You can also subscribe to newsletters and use comparators for cheap travel.